Each year ClearScore hold a 2 day event to celebrate the year
gone with partners and stakeholders, and look to the year ahead. 
Each year the events visuals take on a new direction, this year it would be 'urban organic', combining brutalist structures with flowers in a surreal form. 

A huge list of event deliverables were needed, from large wall decals and posters throughout the venue, to merchandise and cake decorations.


ClearScores internal design team brought me onboard midway through the project as creative differences had seen them go their separate ways with their creative agency. The idea was there, however ClearScore were unhappy with direction of the visuals, 
enter me! The key visuals needed more life, more colour in them, and more variation on buildings and elements used. 3 main KV's needed to be produced to inform all of the other deliverables. Throughout the process numerous concepts were created, too many flowers,
too much colour, but eventually they were dialled down and refined to the 3 main visuals needed, and also make up the main entrance halls One:You visual combining the 3 pieces in 1. ​​​​​​​
Event Photography

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