AXA PPP healthcare needed a creative concept and copy for a thought leadership campaign about mental health. The target audiences were HR managers of large corporates and SME business owners. And the objective was to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace – giving it the same attention as physical health. This ‘parity of esteem’ paradigm – that is, giving mental and physical health equal footing – is hugely relevant to businesses today. That’s because, by looking after the mental health of employees as much as their physical health, businesses will see less absenteeism and presenteeism from stress, anxiety and depression. Early intervention means a swifter recovery; which means higher workforce productivity and potential cost savings.


Because this was a multi-channel campaign with multiple deliverables, a messaging framework from the outset. With a messaging framework in place, we could then roll out the copy across all channels. 
I created a visual route that would really get across the key messaging of each creative, a series of illustrations with a dream look and feel of their thoughts and feelings relating back to the key messaging . It was important that the creative approach was different to the brand’s usual look and feel; this was primarily a thought leadership campaign, not a marketing one.
Of course, the editorial piece required in-depth research, synthesis of information and an understanding of the wider sociological and employment issues surrounding mental illness.
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