As part of a range of FSCS awareness & understanding-driving comms, we currently have a set of dynamic advertising banners in market.  These banners are always-on and vary dynamically according to a number of contextual or targeting triggers, such as audience age, gender, financial confidence or the relevant financial product, be it a mortgage, pension, investment account etc. 
As part of a wider look at current FSCS communications, the current banners were put in front of a few research groups.  The findings indicate that the banners could work harder than they currently do.  
We are looking into a redesign to incorporate this feedback.  
3 designers were briefed to pitched concepts to Universal McCann, the winning concept would then be taken forward and used across the FSCS product range. 


The winning concept consisted of talents that fitted the particular products key demographic, interacting with a prop that was instantly relatable to that product, all set against a clean background. This was important so that on the 'reveal' frame of the animation the FSCS logo had room to breath and interact with the talent and props, working as a visual metaphor for them protecting and looking after their customers.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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