Hiscox Futures were assigned to investigate why Millennials were disinterested with insurance, particularly home and contents insurance.  Once the research programme had run and the insight had been gained and articulated, we would then set about creating a new product to launch to market.


To create a transparent fully digital insurance product fit for the fintech world. Millennials didn't understand insurance offerings of old, so the whole proposition was decluttered and jargon free. The product would be aimed at 'renters', people at the stage in their life between uni and mortgages that had insurance for their phone at best. It would be fully customisable, insure however many items they wanted, and add or remove them as they wanted, when they wanted. From this 'Worldly:' was born. The brand identity and website look and feel is clean, bright and welcoming. As far away as possible from what our audience would associate with the confusing and corporate insurance world. The design of the website went through several iterations and test groups to which ultimately led to the product being launched at a MVP stage. To document the whole process and our findings a 'Generation WHY' report was created to handout to all 
the members of Hiscox's UKSG. Several facebook and google keyword campaigns that we ran produced overwhelming results from our target audience. 

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