AXA PPP Internationals brand was tired predominantly due to the dated 3d imagery of objects used throughout their comms. A refresh was needed for the brand, its imagery, and how it would work across all of their print and digital comms.


The 3d objects no longer had any relevance to the brand and its customers. The global audience at the heart of AXA PPP International were put at the forefront, imagery of people from around the world in key locations were selected and interspersed with inspirational activity shots that would resonate with the customers. To complete the identity several visual routes were tested to house the photography. The winning idea utilised AXA's famous 'switch' element, and expanded on it by combining several of them of different sizes into random shapes. These larger shapes would house the photography and then be set out by several 'switch' elements that could be built up as little or as large depending on the comms.
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