A quick turn around brief, one of those where the list of deliverables grows and grows with the impending deadline (and event) looming.
Investis Digital had recently gone through a soft rebrand themselves and now needed branding created for their quarterly event Insight 360. This consisted of the logo, event landing page, email invites and then all onsite graphics and all the marketing comms needed for the big day which was held at Sushi Samba in the Heron Tower.


After a some quick rounds of revisions the branding was signed off by the client, which then informed the design and colour palette for the landing page and email invites which need to be live and sent within a strict timeframe, they were all complete within a 10 days. 
The second phase of the project involved creating all of the collateral for the event. The largest portion of work revolved around vinyl wall wraps, the venue allowed certain walls to covered to brand the space, this involved visiting the venue and doing some old fashioned measuring up.

The end result was a cohesive piece of branding that felt like an energetic offshoot of Investis Digital, exactly what they wanted. 
The base was now there for the event and it's branding to grow and develop with each iteration.

Video recap
Landing page
Event Photography

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